ONGOING WORKS. The Tacloban City District Engineering Office announces of a 30% completion of the housing projects at Suhi and Greendale subdivisions, both located in the northern portions of Tacloban City.

TACLOBAN CITY— The ongoing construction of retarding basins at the Housing Projects at Suhi and Greendale subdivisions has achieved a significant milestone, with completion now standing at 30%.

These basins play a crucial role in flood control, effectively managing excess water during heavy rainfall to prevent flooding.

The construction process involves carefully laying and compacting layers of base materials to form a strong foundation.

Clean materials are used to ensure stability. Concrete is reinforced according to strict standards, with the right mix of water and cement, and securely fastened steel bars to enhance durability. Properly sized stones are also used to keep the structure stable.

Regular construction joints are included every 50 meters to maintain the structure’s strength. After construction, a survey will be conducted to ensure everything meets the required standards. Any defective pipes found during the construction will be replaced.

The ongoing construction of these retarding basins is funded under the General Appropriations Act 2023, with a total contract amount of P101,207,765.11. Once completed, these basins will serve as reliable and effective solutions for flood control in the Tacloban City area.

Future plans include the construction of a water treatment system. This system will clean the water captured by the retarding basins, ensuring that it can be safely returned to the natural river stream without causing pollution.

“We are pleased with the steady progress of the project. The retarding basins are essential for flood control and we are on track to deliver a reliable solution that will protect our communities from the impacts of excessive rainfall.” OIC District Engineer Rebecca G. Yuse said, emphasizing the project’s importance.