CALBAYOG CITY- The construction of a road access to Lulugayan Falls will pave the way to boost the tourism in Barangay San Joaquin, this city, as it will provide livelihood and job opportunity to the said barangay.
The construction of 1,200 meters road, having a width of 6 meters and a concrete shoulder 1 meter on both sides of the road has an appropriation of P50 million and will result in an easy access to one of 20 famous waterfalls around the city.
Lulugayan Falls is such a majestic falls but remained unexplored by tourists due to road difficulty.
Normally, travelers and residents alike need to traverse around 1 kilometer just on foot.
According to the locals, the name “Lulugayan” came from their vernacular “lugay” which means to lay down one’s hair just like the streams of falling water that resembles the flowing hairs of a lady.
The falls is also the source of water supply of approximately 7,000 population and at least 250 households.
Once the access road is implemented, tourism activities in the area will develop, improve the community economically and have an access way to the management of the water supply. (PR)