TACLOBAN CITY-Contrary to a report that the Tacloban City slaughterhouse is operating without a permit, the City Veterinary Office (CVO) clarified that the abattoir in Barangay Salvacion is not yet operational and is still undergoing a dry run.
In a statement, City Veterinarian Doctor Eunice Alcantara clarified that the machinery within the state-of-the-art slaughter is undergoing a run-through, but is not commercially operational.
The CVO has already revised and complied with requirements set by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) three weeks ago for accreditation such as good manufacturing manual, sanitary standard operating procedures and others, explained Alcantara.
“Oo nag-apply kita, but dire kita nago-operate (Yes, we have applied for the necessary permits, but we are not yet operational). Kun baga it masisiring it mga tawo nga nago-operate bisan waray permit, dire ito tinuod. Kun may-ada man didto yana nagamit an facility, it’s because nagda-dry run kita, (It is not true that we are operating without a permit, we are just conducting a dry run)” she said.
“Ine man gud kay para mahasa an tawo didto ha paggamit it equipment ngan mabaro an process han slaughtering procedure, (the dry run is being done to enhance the skills of staff on slaughtering procedure) “ Dr. Alcantara added.
The dry run is expected to end this December, according to the CVO.
Meantime, Alcantara assured that the facility will not operate without necessary permits required by the proper authority.
Categorized as ‘AAA’, the city abattoir is equipped with modern and state-of-the-art amenities and will be the first to be set up here in Region 8. (C. MERIN/CIO)