BORONGAN CITY- In order to ensure the proper utilization of funds, efficiency, effectivity and impact on the beneficiaries’ lives of “Dukwag Agrikultura” project, the city government of Borongan, signed a 3-page memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Eastern Samar State University (ESSU) Extension Program.
Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan C. Agda and ESSU president, Dr. Ed Campoto, inked the binding document at the Faculty House of the university, in the presence of Vice Mayor Emman Tiu Sonco, SP Members Bryan Suyot and Kathlyn Cainday, Evelyn Amit Corado, director for extension program, the finance group of the city government and other officials of ESSU.
The MOU indicates the respective roles of the two parties for the successful implementation of “Dukwag Agrikultura.”
In her brief presentation, Amit Corado explained to the body, the important role that ESSU would play, in the next six years or so, for the realization of Dukwag’s objective that is mainly focused on the farmers’ improved production.
Primarily, Dukwag envisions beneficiaries to produce more than their families’ consumption so they can engage in small to medium entrepreneurial activities.
However,Amit Corado pointed out that it is vital to the program’s success, that  both farmer-beneficiaries and project implementers undergo trainings  before the roll-out, to somehow ensure its success.
She said that it is imperative to find out first the farmers’ weaknesses so that these can be addressed as these could probably be the reasons why many of government’s assistance to farmers in previous years flop.
“Basic Financial Literacy is one thing that beneficiaries of government assistance must know,” Amit Corado said.
“Other general skills in farming, marketing, even values reorientation must be acquired by the beneficiaries, for funding agencies to be ensured of program’s outcomes and impacts,”she added.
“How farmers’ strengths and weaknesses can be determined, will have to be revealed in the results of a pre-test to be administered soon,” Amit Corado concluded.
Improving the living condition of the farmers in Borongan is one of the priority program of the Agda administration.
And in his message, Mayor Agda articulated the need to increase production of farm products, given the high prices of agricultural goods in the market.
“More than 60% of family income and of our farmers are spent in food consumption, thus, the City Government is bent to realize the goals of Dukwag Agrikultura,” the city mayor said.
He added that he is thankful to the new breed of leaders at the City LGU, because like him, the SP members are after the welfare of the public, the farmers, which very much facilitated the passage of Dukwag Ordinance.
He is certain that “Dukwag” will not only cause business-minded farmers, but it can also propel the production and graduation from college of many graduates in agricultural courses.
With the assistance that will be extended by ESSU, Mayor Agda sees a brighter future of the Borongan farmers, through “Dukwag’s” lending program, in farm implements, mechanization and technical assistance.
It was also learned that apart from ESSUs independent assessment, monitoring and evaluation activities, the CLGU will also organize its own team to assess “Dukwag Agrikultura’s” implementation.