FREE LAPTOPS. Biliran Governor Gerard Roger Espina said that he will be giving away 10 laptop units to deserving students of Biliran Province State University to help them on their studies.

TACLOBAN CITY – Biliran Governor Gerard Roger Espina has announced that he will be distributing 10 laptops to deserving university students of the Biliran Province State University (BiPSU).

The governor made this announcement through his personal Facebook account after attending the commencement exercises of the state university in Biliran province last May 23.

Initially, he planned to distribute five laptops but later increased the number to 10.
Gov. Espina stated that he will be using his personal funds to purchase the laptops. The laptops will be intended for internet browsing and document encoding purposes.

“I specifically chose laptops without gaming specifications. They don’t have video cards. They are for browsing and MS applications only to ensure they won’t be used for gaming,” Espina explained.

Espina encouraged residents of the province to nominate university students who they believe are deserving of receiving a laptop.

“If you wish to nominate a university student who is truly in need. Classmates can vouch for that particular beneficiary by liking the nomination. It is more preferable if the nominee is an honor student from a 4Ps family,” he said.

The recipients of the laptops will be announced next month through Gov.Espina’s Facebook account.