STA.RITA, Samar – Soldiers in the region remains to be loyal to their Commander-in-Chief, President Rodrigo Duterte.
This was assured by the deputy commanding officer of the 8th Infantry Division, Colonel Cesar Idio, who said that they don’t find it imperative to conduct any loyalty check among its forces.
“Our soldiers in the region remain faithful to the chain of command and the Constitution,” Idio said.
On August 8, Mr. Duterte became the first President to visit the 8th ID headquarters in Catbalogan City wherein he assured the soldiers of the region of his unequivocal support to them.
Col. Idio said that they have not received any information that soldiers in the region are restive on the administration of the President who was overwhelmingly voted to office on his pledge to stamp out the illegal drug trade in the country.
His administration also initiated another fresh round of peace talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines-National Democratic Front(CPP-NDF) with the hope to end the more than four decades of insurgency problem in the country.
The Army recognizes that loyalty is the thread that binds their actions together and defines their commitment to each other, to their units, country and the Constitution, Idio said. (JAZMIN BONIFACIO)