Mayor Alfred Romualdez

As COVID-19 cases of Tacloban see a spike

TACLOBAN CITY – Amid increasing cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) here in the city, Mayor Alfred Romualdez would not impose a city-wide lockdown but would just close the areas where there are high cases of infection.
Mayor Romualdez made this declaration as COVID-19 cases in the city saw a sharp increase this week which involved several health workers and frontliners.
The city has about 140 confirmed COVID-19 cases.
In a press conference on Wednesday (August 19), Mayor Romualdez said that despite of some calls for him to impose a lockdown in the entire city, he would rather enforce a zoning containment strategy.
Under the zoning containment strategy, areas are classified into four zones based on set parameters: the Critical Zone (CrZ) which refers to the areas where the initial number of cases or several clustering of cases have been identified within the past 7 days; the Containment Zone (CZ) or areas without new cases but are adjacent to a geographic unit categorized as Critical Zone (CrZ);the Buffer Zone (BZ) which refers to the areas without new cases but are adjacent to areas categorized as Containment Zone (CZ).
With the use of zoning containment, local government units will be able to design and implement interventions that do not cause enormous strain to economies, compromising people’s goodwill and emotional well-being, and undermining people’s resilience.
According to the city mayor, placing the entire city under lockdown would not only hurt its economy but even the rest of the region.
“We are not going to lockdown Tacloban because mapa-paralyze ang economy ng buong region. If based sa report ng City Health and Department of Health may explosion of positive cases sa isang lugar, then I will lockdown that area only,” Romualdez said.
He added that he already made a strict order to all enforcers to apprehend those who are not wearing face masks and closure of business establishments that do not practice health protocols like physical distancing.
“I can assure you that we are on top of the situation. But my advice to the public is to remain vigilant. Wear mask, implement social distancing, practice proper hygiene, and avoid going to other towns,” Romualdez said.
Instead of waiting for the vaccine, Romualdez said that people should instead follow all mitigating measures that are being imposed by the health department to limit getting infected and spread of the virus.
He also urged the residents of Tacloban help the city government and its law enforcers by reporting those who do not follow the health protocols in public transportation and other public places.