ORMOC CITY- A 74-year old woman was killed after she was hit by a 10-wheeler truck last week, this city, with the driver of the vehicle could escape from possible jail term. The victim, Benecia Ocan of Barangay Lilo-an, Ormoc, was crossing along corner Aviles and Rizal Streets when the 10-wheeler truck, driven by Ernesto Boholst,25 and a resident of Brgy.Mabato ,hit her.

The truck, with plate number GSU 836, was carrying color roofs and was bound for Tacloban at the time of the accident. Witness said that the victim was bumped and dragged by the 10-wheeler truck that caused her fatal injuries on the hip to the feet and hematoma to other parts of her body. She was declared dead hours later at the hospital due to blood loss.

The ORMOC rescue and the Bureau of Fire Protection rescue units came to save and rushed her to the hospital but her severe wounds worsen the condition. Boholst said he was on the “go” sign but did not notice the woman was crossing.

While traffic enforcer on duty Jenelyn Jaca said she was then signaling “go” for two corners including the path of the said truck so she failed to see the accident.
While the suspect was detained at the Police Station 1, no case was filed against him as it was learned that an amicable settlement could have been reached as the operator of the 10-wheeler truck extended financial assistance to the family of the victim who was to turn 75 years old next month. (ELVIE ROMAN ROA)