BORONGAN CITY – The Eastern Samar State University, main campus, Borongan City will host the 3rd International Conference on Integrative Disaster Risk Reduction Management on September 1-3 at the ESSU Multi-Purpose Hall, Borongan City with the theme, “Reducing Risks, Developing Quick Response to Disasters.” Given current trends in disaster impacts and increased exposure to risks in the country, the university in response to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction is supporting its call in making disaster risk reduction and resilience into development work a top priority. In a study conducted by UN Team, it was found out that only 10 percent or 170 out of over 1,700 cities, towns and provinces in our country have taken steps in making cities resilient to disasters.

The conference will bring together government officials, non-government experts, students and faculty researchers and other specialists from public and private agencies to discuss and present papers and posters on reducing risk and developing quick response to disasters. It is a fact that vulnerability and exposure to disasters is increasing particularly in the Philippines as more people and resources locate in areas of high risk. Among the highlights of the three-day event is paper and poster presentations from various institutions particularly local government units, higher educational institutions and private and public secondary and elementary school involved in incorporating disaster risk reduction and developing quick response through differentiated strategies and planning for development growth.

The panel of distinguished speakers including the following: De. C. Emhdad Haque, Professor, University of Manitoba, Canada, Honorable Thomas Ossowshi, German Ambassador to the Philippines, Dr. Alfredo Mahar Lagmay, executive director of Project NOAH of DOST, Dr. Dennis S. Erasga, full professor, De La Salle University, Robert Dorgan, U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, among others. Welcome address will be delivered by ESSU president, Dr. Edmundo Campoto. Registration fee is P4,600.00 inclusive of meals, snacks, conference materials, certificate and tour to selected resettlement sites in Eastern Samar. Interested parties may call/text Dr. Eva Palada, vice president for planning, research and extension at 09991540358, 09077770674, 0912985578 or log on to (V. Agda, Director for Extension, ESSU)