TACLOBAN CITY- About 31 barangays of this city have been declared as drug-free by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), representing 71 percent out of the city’s 138 villages.
The declaration was made by PDEA as the city government, under Mayor Cristina Romualdez, joined the observance of the nationwide crime prevention week.
Declared as drug-free barangays are Brgy. 57-Whitelane, Real, Leyeco; Brgy. 75-Coca-Cola; Brgy. 81- Marasbaras; Brgy. 82- Marasbaras; Brgy. 59-A – Sampaguita; Brgy. 50- Independencia, Real, Arellano; Brgy. 78 – Marasbaras Chapel; Brgy. 2 – Jones Ext. / Forestry; Brgy. 17- Gomez/Salazar; Brgy. 8 – T. Claudio; Brgy. 1 and 4- Libertad; Brgy. 44-A Quarry (EVSU); Brgy. 34 – Imelda/Real; Brgy. 19 – Burgos/ Rizal; Brgy. 24 – Sto. Nino/Imelda; Brgy. 23-A –Imelda/Del Pilar; Brgy. 26 – Gomez/Paterno; Brgy.12 – Palanog (GE); Brgy. 7, Del Pilar/Gomez St.; Brgy. 37-A – Palanog Resettlement; Brgy. 73 – PHHC (Mountain side); Brgy. 6-A – Sto. Nino Ext.; Brgy. 91- Abucay; Brgy. 110 – Utap; Brgy. 22 –Rizal Avenue; Brgy.18 – Gomez/Sto. Nino; Brgy. 21A – Burgos/Sto. Nino; Brgy. 66A – Anibong and Brgy. 38 covering Veteranos, Torres and Burgos streets.
Campaign against the proliferation of illegal drugs, notably methamphetamine or shabu, is being vigorously and relentlessly undertaken under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.
Mayor Romualdez is fully supporting this campaign of the President as she earlier declared that she want to see the entire city as drug-free by next year.
The relentless campaign is bearing fruits as the city’s crime rate has decreased dramatically.