ORMOC CITY- The collision of two 10-wheelers trucks Saturday night along the national highway, this city, and raised fear among residents of possible gas leaks. One of the trucks was carrying several empty liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanks coming from Tacloban City while cruising along Barangay Valencia, hit head on with another 10-wheeler truck, a sugarcane conveyor.

The driver of the vehicle carrying the tanks sustained minor injuries together with a passenger. They were brought to the hospital by the Ormoc Rescue Unit. While the other vehicle’s driver and a companion fled right after the accident going to the direction of Kananga town, said police investigator SPO1 Jonathan Tomada of Police Station 2 citing bystanders’ observation. Clarissa Giganto, 38, expressed fear that the dripping gas might create explosion after a tank’s valve went damaged following the accident. The truck was parked near her residence.

Personnel from the Bureau of Fire and Penology managed to control the oozing LPG that produced what Giganto and other residents said nose-throbbing odor.
FO3 Noel Parrilla stated that contents of LPGs were not really drained though considered empty. However, SFO2 Roel Wenceslao said the leak has less chances of creating explosion considering that it was located in an open area. But just to satisfy the neighborhood and to provide them a sound sleep that night, the police and the BFP ensured to provide them safety. (ELVIE ROMAN ROA)