ORMOC CITY– Death came for a 15-year-old student who fell from a mango tree after his foot struck a livewire while climbing at about 3 pm on Friday (Dec.1) in Barangay San Lorenzo, Kawayan, and Biliran.

Police identified the victim as Adrian, 15, a Grade 9.

A 6-year old girl who witnessed the incident said that she together with the victim and several neighbors climbed the mango tree in front of their house.

She said that after a few minutes, they noticed that the victim slowly slipped from the mango tree and fell to the ground head first.

She added that they immediately called for help from their relatives and observed that the victim had burn marks on his left hand and right foot.

Initial investigation conducted by responding police disclosed that there was a live electric wire running through the branches of the mango tree adding that some residents had noticed sparks from the wire a few weeks ago, but it was not reported.

The victim who was brought to the rural health unit was declared dead on arrival.